Our company realizes fully the size of its responsibilities toward health and professional safety in the work site for all personnel, labor, subcontractors and visitors and as it is bound to improve the system of managing the health and safety always according to all international standards applicable for action and for all systems and legislation of health and professional safety adopted in America and Europe .Thus our company applies the following procedures:
1- To alert all workers to the risks that they might be exposed to at the site and training them on how to face and overcome them.
2- To provide the appliances of fire extinguishers, training the workers on how to use them.
3- Training the workers on the correct and safe use of machineries, equipments and methods of using them to ensure their safety.
4- To refer to the training procedures which the workers need in a periodical and organized way.
5- To provide condensed training to the workers and new employees, precisely when establishing new factors of work or machines and new equipments to the site.
6- To give general directions and advises in order to act in a fast way in emergencies or in case of occurring the accidents during the work.
7- To find means for fast communications in the most near hospital or health center.
8- To provide the booklets related to the work site which contains advises instructions and conditions of professional safety.
9- Safe guarding that all workers in the site should complied with the condition and instructions of the professional safety of the company, to confirm commitment and not to tolerate with whom violate any of its articles.
10- To encourage the workers to participate in the training programs related to the safety profession and also to encourage their participations in this course.
11- To consider the requirements of the vocational safety as an obligatory condition to work in the Site.