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We are delighted to present to you AI-Mahaba & AI-Wafaa For trading, Contracts, food Supply and Public Transportation Co.Ltd, Which is an Iraqi private company, specialized in executing different constructional, mechanical, electrical ,roads and public services projects, importing, exporting with a capital of ( acknowledging that our company is (third class in Constructional and third class in Mechanical and Electrical).
Our company depends in its works on the experience of Its specialized engineering and technical staff and using the method of practical execution with high standards in all fields and precisely in the field of executing purification of water stations, sewerage and pumping station, roads works, buildings, residential comp lexes, extending the electricity networks and all complementing activities for those projects.
AI-Mahaba & AI-Wafaa For trading, Contracts, food Supply and Public Transportation Co. Ltd, is distinguished as it is a constructing engineering company, managed by young and qualified elements which has the capability to comprehend the modern techniques and react with the fast development in the field of preparing the designs and its execution In the field of using modern techniques, machines and equipments, works in the company many engineers, technicians and skilled workers in the specialization of electricity, mechanics, civil, architectural engineering and chemical industries, they are divided into groups that work as specialized teams, in different levels and we have enough machines , maintenance kits and workshops in addition to the specialized departments in consulting engineering and preparing designs and in quality control field, testing, work safety and all services. The company has the capability to respond to the needs of different clients and execute contracts, civil, mechanical and electrical contracts and protection system, monitoring, communication and control.

The Objective of The Company

To establish good and excellent relations in what concerns the contracting sector with the departments with whom it deals with in order to reach to the best performance and presenting the highest standards from services in order to progress with the highest slandered in order to progress its projects in any work site, and active participation in the campaign of reconstructing Iraq and to follow up the progress in the infrastructure